The Family Association owns comprehensive archives with collections of deeds, pictures and other archive materials. The archives are continuously extended by donations and purchases. Offers in this respect are always desired.

The Family Archives contain:

  • Literature on the Family and the Family Association
  • Files and records of the Family Association, some dating back to 1864
  • Publications of Family members
  • Publications on individual Stackelbergs
  • Copies of archive material concerning the Stackelberg Family from the Estonian State Archives in Tartu, the City Archives of Tallinn, Riga and other state archives
  • Original documents from 16th to 20th centuries
  • Souvenirs
  • Biographical essays on indidivual Stackelbergs in genealogical order
  • Numerous portrait photos of Family Members as from 1850
  • Collection of caricatures from the middle of the 19th century
  • Collection of photos of the Family estates in Estonia, Livonia, Curonia and Saremaa
  • Drawings of coats of arms, seals, signets
  • Collected correspondences
  • Collection of all Family Circulars appeared since 1951
  • Reports and photo documentations of the 24 Family Days since 1951

All valuable archive materials are kept in a special deposit of the Herder Institute in Marburg as a permanent loan. The President of the Family Association is the contact person for all questions in connection with the archives.