Family association von Stackelberg

Family History – Stackelbergs in Russian times


Czar Peter the Great also confirmed the privileges of the Baltic chivalries and thus also those of the Stackelberg family.
In 1775, Emperor Joseph II made the Russian envoy Otto Magnus von Stackelberg hereditary German Empiric Count, after Tsarina Catherine the Great had agreed. Joseph II also made Reinhold Johann von Stackelberg, Chamberlain of the Polish King, hereditary German Empiric Count in 1786.
In 1854, all family lines that did not belong to the Count lines got the right to bear the baron title, according to a decree of the Ruling Senate of St. Petersburg. No further coats of arms were bestowed thereby.

In 1864, the von Stackelberg Family Association was formed in Tallinn as an incorporated union.

According to statistics compiled in 1927, 206 Stackelbergs served as officers in the armies of the Swedish King and the Russian Czar, among them:

  2 Field Marshals
  4 Admirals
25 Generals
33 Colonels
33 Majors

In those times there were the following civil servants:

  8 Land Marshals, Chivalry Leaders
  7 Envoys, Ambassadors, Senators
30 District Presidents, Governors
28 Judges
  3 Reverends
  3 Ship’s Captains

At the time, and to the present day, numerous other Stackelbergs have become well-known as scientists, artists and authors.